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Teflon® is a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont De. Only Dupont makes TEFLON®.

Teflon Parts -


Aidmer78-070  Teflon Parts & Components

Raw Materials:

Pure PTFE Parts " Glass filled PTFE Components" Graphite Filled PTFE Part "  Bronze Filled PTFE Components" Carbon Filled Teflon fitting

PTFE Parts & Components property

Teflon Components & Parts for its excellent high-temperature-resistant properties and chemical stability, good electrical insulation properties, non-adhesive, weather resistance, fire-retardant and good self-lubricating, has been in the chemical industry, petroleum, textiles, electronics Electrical, medical, machinery in areas such as access to a wide range of applications.

  1. All sizes are available according to customers' requirement
  2. Different materials can be added such as glass fiber, graphite, Bronze, and carbon
  3. High chemical properties, acid and alkali resistant
  4. Wide working temperature range
  5. Improved compression strength
  6. Improved thermal conductivity
  7. Decreased thermal expansion
  8. Improved abrasion resistance

PTFE Parts & Teflon Components

【PTFE Parts】

【Teflon Parts】 【Teflon Part】

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